GoldWing ARF Brand SU26 50E V2 Carbon Fiber Version

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Pictures show assembled airframe - Prop and Spinner pictured are not included.

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GoldWing ARF Brand SU26 v2 50E size Electric RC Airframe
Carbon Fiber Version


50-E size RC model of the popular SU26 v2 with oversize control surfaces for excellent 3-D capabilities as well as being a fantastic IMAC and sport flier.


This aircraft is for the intermediate to experienced flier with some building / assembly experience.


Airframe dimensions

  • wingspan 56” (1.42m)

  • length 54” (1.37m)

  • wing area 667 sq. in (43 dm 2)

  • flying weight 4.5 to 5.5 lbs (2 to 2.5 kgs)


Included in the box

  • Lightweight built up structure made from high grade light ply and balsa covered in a red, black and white color scheme designed to easily differentiate upper and lower surfaces.

  • Side force generators.

  • Fiberglass light weight cowl assembly.

  • Two piece removable wings with alignment pins slide onto a lightweight, strong carbon fiber tube and secure with a single thumbscrew per wing.

  • PVC long length canopy designed for easy access to the flight battery and radio gear. It is securely held in place by a spring loaded latching mechanism at the rear of the canopy.

  • Extended servo arms made of lightweight yet strong carbon fiber designed to bolt to your existing servo control arms.

  • Carbon fiber control horns that glue into each control surface securely.

  • Adjustable push rods for easy fine tuning of the control surfaces.

  • High quality ball link assemblies on all control surfaces and servo connections.

  • Carbon fiber high quality, light weight tail wheel assembly.

  • High quality lightweight rubber tires with composite rims.

  • High quality axle assemblies

  • Carbon Fiber landing gear.

  • Carbon fiber wing tube.

  • Colorful decal sheet.

  • Final assembly manual provided on CD.


Items needed to complete the aircraft

  • Minimum 4 channel radio system and receiver


Appropriate outrunner motor (GoldWing recommendations)
  • Saite 5055 700KV with 6S 3300 to 4400 mAh with 14 x 7 to 15 x 8 prop

  • Hacker A40-10S with 4S 3300 to 4200 mAh with 14 x 7 prop

  • Hacker A40-12S with 5S 3000 to 3700 mAh with 13 x 6.5 prop

  • Hacker A40-12S with 4S 3300 to 4200 mAh with 14 x 7 prop

  • Hacker A40-14S with 5S 3000 to 3700 mAh with 14 x 7 prop

  • Dusky XM5050EA-9 with 6S 3300 to 4400 mAh with 15 x 8 prop

  • *or 4120 - 5055 500 to 750 KV electric outrunner motor

*or 1100 to 1300 watt equivalent outrunner motor


Electronic Speed Control

  • 80 to 100 amp speed controller


  • 4 mini servos with minimum 4-kg torque.


Servo extension leads
  • 4 to 5 servo lead extensions


  • 3300 to 5000 Mah – 4S to 6S battery


  • 14 x 6 to 15 x 8 prop


  • 2 ¼” or 60mm of your choice.


  • 15 minute epoxy

  • Thin CA instant glue.