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Skyward Hobbies



Hard to find decals for those old kits in your attic.

Astro-Hog Decals

Astro-Hog Decal


Astro-Hog Lettering 

  • Lettering is a Heat Transfer product. 
  • Apply to a clean area
  • Peel off wax backing
  • Align and tack down in place
  • Iron on with medium temperature until adhered
  • Peel back vinyl while still warm - pulling at an angle works best
  • If there is any unwanted residue, remove gently with acetone

Astro-Hog Decals

  • Decal is self adhesive (a sticker)
  • Apply to a clean area
  • Peel off backing
  • Place where wanted carefully from one end to the other, smoothing as you go

Hand made by Tina Christenson ~ Perfectly imperfect