Maple Motor Mounts




in a variety of sizes

Even in this age of plastic and super alloys, there are still some modelers who prefer hard maple motor mounts for their airplanes. These are still the most economical mounts you can buy, and they offer a unique ability to absorb the small engine vibrations that can damage your model and radio over time

Maple mounts also add incredible strength to a model when they are extended back through the tank compartment. SIG's motor mounts are cut from dense, rock hard maple - one of the strongest woods for its weight available.

  • Cut from hard maple
  • Strongest wood for its weight
  • Resists splitting
  • Low oil absorption


1/2" X 5/8" X 24"
3/8" X 3/4" X 12"
3/8" X 1/2" X 12"
3/8" X 3/8" X 12"