6 Star Aluminum Heavy Duty Dual Power Switch with Fuel Dot




Aluminum Heavy Duty Dual Power Switch 

with Fuel Dot

This twin power switch with fuel dot is made with high quality anodized aluminum for a professional look and performance.  It contains superior switch mechanisms and saves space with two switches and fuel dot in one panel. Conveniently charge your batteries with the dual exterior charge ports.

Mounting Size:

Note: There is 1-2mm slight error for the manual measurement.
-  The product has authorized by CE and ROHS test system.
-  Using 22AWG high torque twisted wire with strong anti-jamming capability, and     receivers and other electronic devices can be prevented from interference signals.
-  Two Switches: one for connecting and disconnecting the receiver circuit, another one     for connecting and disconnecting the CDI circuit.
-  Two plugs compatible with JR and FUTABA:  One for connecting with receiver battery,     another one for connecting with the CDI battery to supply power without opening the     canopy.
-  One fuel dot with fuel filler can be used to fill oil in the fuel tank without opening the     canopy.