Epoxy Adhesive 2-4 Minute 4 oz Kit



Epoxy Adhesive 2-4 Minute 4 oz Kit

A versatile easy to use solvent free epoxy adhesive, which can be used to bond or
repair most materials such as wood, metal, glass, ceramic, plastics and rubbers. The
product hardens in 2-4 minutes with high bond strength and chemical resistance.

--Easy to use two component adhesive system
--Excellent adhesion to wide variety of materials such as aluminum, copper,
steel, brass, concrete, FRP/SMC, wood, glass, plastics, ceramics, painted
metals, graphite, polyurethane, galvanized metals, rigid plastics, etc.
--High bond strength develops in 2-3 hours.

Liquid Adhesive:
Mixed Viscosity @ 25 0C 15, 000 – 20,000 Pa.S
Mixing Ratio: 1:1 vol/vol or wt/wt
Mixed Color: Clear
Working Life: 60-90 seconds
Specific Gravity 1.1
Percent Solid 100
Adhesive Set-up Time: 2-3 hours.

Mechanical Properties:
Shore Hardness D 78 – 80 (ASTM D 2240)
Shear Strength (N/mm2) 14 – 18 (DIN 53283)
Peel Strength (N/mm) 3 – 5 (ISO 4578)
Thermal Conductivity (W/mK) 0.1
Coefficient of thermal expansion (1/k) 60 – 120 x 10 E-6
Dielectric Strength (kv/mm) 50 – 90
Volume resistivity (OHM/cm) 3 – 5 x 10 E 12
Service Temperature -40 0F to 250 0F
Lap Shear Strength Data
PARBOND 101 formulated to bond wide variety of substrates. Lap shear strength
data according to ASTM D 1002 reported for the most common substrates:
Shear Strength: 3500 psi

To achieve maximum performance from PARBOND 101 adhesive it is essential that
all substrates are clean, dry and free from surface contaminations such as oil or
grease. Surfaces may be sanded to get the optimum bond strength.
Mix PARBOND 101 epoxy adhesive of Part A to Part B of equal amounts. Mix two
parts thoroughly for optimum performance. The epoxy can be dispensed, metered,
mixed and directly applied to the bonding surface.
After mixing PARBOND 101 adhesive should be applied directly to the surfaces to be
bonded. If an insert is to be bonded in a socket or curved, surfaces to be fixed slight
rotating of the units will eliminate any air entrapment and fully wet out both surfaces.
Edge to edge bonds should be supported. Adhesive thickness of .005 inch (5 Mil) will
provide the maximum bond strength.
PARBOND 101 may be stored for up to 3 years at room temperature provided the
components are stored in sealed containers.

Our products are generally quite harmless to handle provided that certain precautions
normally taken when handling chemicals are observed. The uncured materials must
not, for instance, be allowed to come into contact with foodstuffs or food utensils, and
measures should be taken to prevent the uncured materials from coming in contact
with the skin, since people with particularly sensitive skin may be affected. The
wearing of impervious rubber or plastic gloves will normally be necessary; likewise
the use of eye protection. The skin should be thoroughly cleansed at the end of each
working period by washing with soap and warm water. The use of solvents is to be
avoided. Disposable paper - not cloth towels - should be used to dry the skin.
Adequate ventilation of the working area is recommended. These precautions are
described in greater detail in the Material Safety Data

***NOTE: Sorry, we can NOT ship adhesives to destinations outside of the United States***


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