FrSky USB-3 with SPC Cable Combo


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FrSky USB-3 with SPC Cable Combo


This is the combo comprising both the FrUSB-3 USB and SPC cables. Smartport requires both.

The FrUSB-3 USB cable is used to upgrade the firmware for various components and transmitter modules. The firmware can be downloaded from the Frsky website.

The table below provides a list of compatible interfaces to complete the upgrades:

Product Cable
FHS-01,  FLD-02, DFT/DJT/DHT FUC-3 (FrUSB-3)
D4R-II, DF6R, D8R-II plus, D8R-XP FUC-3 (FrUSB-3)
S.Port Enabled TX and RX modules and Sensors FrUSB-1 or FrUSB-3*

* For Smartport devices, in addition to the FrUSB-3, you will also require a Smartport Convertor Cable (SPC).  This includes the X8R, X6R, X4R, XJT and various Smartport sensors.

The Taranis uses a regular mini (B) usb connector.