High Voltage Battery Connector with Dual Output



 High Voltage Battery Connector with Dual Output


1. As more and more high voltage receivers and servos are widely used, 2 cells or 3 cells Lipo batteries have been directly connected to supply power. This power adaptor cable can efficiently solve the poor contact problem for electronic equipment.

2. Designed with dual output, each output current reaches to 15A (max. total current 30A).


-Working Voltage: 4.8-13V

-Working Current: 0-30A

-Weight: 14g (with cables)

-Dimension: 22mm (L)*19mm (W)*9mm (H)

Comes with XT60 Plug


1. Reversal Connection of battery polarity is not allowed.

2. Normal working voltage should not be exceeded as damage may occur to product performance.

3. Do not get close to any grease, water or corrosive matter when installing