Outrunner Brushless Motor 2826 Kv1300



 Outrunner Brushless Motor  2826 Kv1300

Comes with mount, screws, and prop adapter.



Shaft: 3.17mm

Diameter: 28mm

Length: 28mm

Outer Shaft Length: 13mm



Max A:  15

Max W:  167

Efficiency:  85%

Thrust / g :  400 ~ 700

Propeller:  9"/10"

ESC:  20A   

Weight / g: 45

Li-Po: 2-3


The KV rating is quite simply the number of revs per minute the motor will produce per Volt of electricity that’s applied. So a 1300kV brushless motor will output 13,000 rpm when you apply 10 volts to its terminals.


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