Servo Tester



Servo Tester


  • Works with all CPPM type servo's
  • Provides 3 modes of servo and ESC actuation.
  • Manual mode: turning the control knob allows the servo or ESC to be placed in a desired position for set up.
  • Neutral mode: Brings the servo back to the servo manufacturers centered position
  • Automatic Moves the servo continuously through its entire range back and forth until stopped.
  • Allows for the connection of 1 to 3 servos or ESC's at a time.
  • LED indicators



  • Input: DC 4.8 to 6.0V
  • Output signal: 1.5ms±0.5ms
  • Size: 43.5x30x23
  • Weight: 3.8g (0.14 oz)
  • Adjustment methods: manual, neutral, automatic.