SIG Akromaster Control Line Kit


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Compact Control Line Profile Stunter

Easy to build, good beginner's stunt plane. It's thick fully-symmetrical wing and short tail moment will let you learn the basics without risking a more expensive full-size stunter.

Wingspan 34 in 864 mm
Wing Area 250 sq in 16.1 dmĀ²
Engine Required .15 - .19 cu. in. (2.5 - 3.1 cc) (not included)
Kit Features

  • Nylon Bellcrank and Elevator Horn
  • Shaped Balsa Leading Edge & Trailing Edges
  • Die-Cut Quality Balsa and Plywood
  • Formed Wire Landing Gear & Pushrod
  • Cloth Hinge Material
  • Formed Plastic Canopy
  • Balsa Profile Fuselage
  • Building and Flying Instructions