CRRC Pro Opto kill switch for CDI ignition with tachometer


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CRRC Pro Opto kill switch for CDI ignition with Tachometer

The CRRC Pro Opto kill switch conveniently combines the kill switch and tachometer functions in one convenient noiseproof housing to simplify installation for a clean looking radio compartment. It comes in a small lightweight design to minimize weight and wasted space.

It also has the added feature of tracking run time.


noise jamming protection built into the design
Easy to install and durable.
Tachometer reads up to 9999 revolutions per minute
Shows both engine rpm and time of operation
Power supply system and control system are completely independent
Get the rpm signal from a Y harness connection.
Displays voltage of the ignition battery.

Brand name: CRRC-PRO
Material: Plastic
Color: Black
DC input: 4.8V - 8.4V (external battery)
DC output: 4.8V - 8.4V (CDI igniter supply power)
Max RPM read out: 9999
Total cable length: 185mm
Item size: 47 * 38 * 8mm
Item weight: 20g