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Soft Natural Foam Rubber for Protecting Costly R/C Equipment


Genuine latex Foam Rubber is the best material available to protect the delicate radio equipment inside your R/C models. Loosely wrapped around the receiver and battery pack, FOAM RUBBER can keep harmful engine vibrations from causing a serious radio "glitch".
Also helps protect the receiver and battery from shock damage in the event of a crash.
Model boats need it to prevent the constant pounding of the water against the hull from causing trouble.

Soft, shock absorbent, and light weight.
There is absolutely no substitute for genuine Foam Rubber in protecting on-board radio gear. Highly recommended by all leading radio manufacturer's.
In addition to R/C installations, Foam Rubber can also be used for many other types of craft/hobby work. Ideal for extra padding in chair and sofa cushions, making new pads for play pen and crib railings, or shock mounting fragile craft projects. Can be glued with ordinary wood/paper glues, contact cement or epoxy. Clean, odorless, moth and mildew proof.